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Briefly about Linora

We are a licensed animal transportation company, which has existed on the global market since 2013. We have one of the most modern fleets of vehicles in the whole Europe. Our vehicles and transportation procedures are approved by the main veterinary authorities and meet all European norms and regulations for the transport of animals. The expertly qualified personnel are professional drivers – enthusiasts of animals, who have their own breeding of dogs and cats, and are participants of shows organized by FCI, CFA and FIFE. A few of us have also adopted animals from the shelter :)

We are driven by love and passion for animals in everything we do, because this is the only way, combined with many years of experience, we can remain the leader of dog and cat transportation. We have been repeatedly an interest of the specialist press (Mój Przyjaciel Pies) , writing articles on the regulations and animal transportation, based on our experience. We are always willing to help in raising awareness and sensitizing people to the welfare of the transport of dogs and cats.

If you decided on our services, you can be sure that your animal will get the best possible care during transportation.

Best regards,
Linora UK Team


I am passionate about all animals, especially dogs and cats. I have devoted my whole life to this theme, including the subject of the studies. Since 2010 I have been conducting the breeding of dogs, and since 2015 – of cats. I take care so Linora UK provides the highest standard of transport to all passengers.


I have been surrounded by animals from an early age, notoriously in love with nature. I love spending time and working with them, especially with horses, cats and dogs. I am glad that I can continue to do so, taking care of the animals during the journey.


I have been accompanied by animals for many years – mostly dogs. I was taught to treat them with respect and care. When travelling with Linora UK I try to provide them maximum comfort and minimum stress. Their wagging tails give it back to me with an interest.


In my home cats and dogs have always been present, and I was taught protectiveness and tenderness towards them. I consider animals to be my friends, who need attention and care, that’s why I am glad that I can offer them excellent care during transport.


I love travelling and animals. Dogs an cats are extremely close to me, probably because they have accompanied me since childhood. At Linora UK I care about the proper preparation of animals for transport, before they venture out on the road. This is my passion.


I am a lover of dogs and cats, a student of Logistics in Częstochowa. I have worked at Linora UK since July 2015, preparing the animals for the professional transport. I am pleased that I can combine my job with a love for animals. I put my whole heart in it.


I graduated from the University of Life Sciences in Wroclaw, currently I own 30 species of animals. They are my passion and at the same time a way of life. Thanks to the sensitivity to welfare, veterinary prevention and nutrition all my pupils feel great during transport.


I graduated from UR in Cracow, majoring in animal husbandry. The work that I do is for me both a challenge and an enormous pleasure. I love all animals, however the dogs, of all kinds, are my most favourite. Greetings with Mila. An adopted bitch.


I have been working with animals for years, this is my passion and a recipe for life. The greatest satisfaction comes from working with the youth (dogs, horses) – their education, training and proper mental development, based on natural methods. I think this is the best way to ensure their happiness.