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The Regulations were created according to the Law of Animal Protection of 21 August 1997, Journal of Laws no 106 item 1002 with amends and the Board Directive (WE) no 1/2005 of 22 December 2004 about the protection of animals during transportation and connected actions and the changing directives 64/432/EWG and 93/119/WE and the directive (WE) no 1255/97, Regulation (EC) no. 1255/97, the EP and the (EU) Council regulation 576/2013 and 577/2013.

Transportation of dogs, cats, ferrets under care – veterinary requirements

1. The transport may qualify only healthy animals fit for transport, except for animals transported for dental and veterinary clinics with written instructions from a veterinarian.
2. The minimum age of transported animals under care is 8 weeks in the national transportation and 15 weeks in the international transportation, unless the target country permits otherwise.
3. Point 2 shall not apply in the national transportation, if the transported young animal (under 8 weeks) is accompanied by the mother.
4. The transported animal should be clearly marked by chip or tattoo (the only accepted form of marking the animal in the international transportation is the chip).
5. The transported animal should be vaccinated against rabies if it has completed 12 weeks of age.
6. The transported animal should be de-wormed (Echinococcus) and the ticks should be removed at least 24 hours and not more than 72 hours before the scheduled departure.
7. The transported animals should have a) the health book with the domestic transport, b) the passport for the pet with the non-commercial international transport and the written authorisation for this type of transport.
8. If this results from the external regulations, the animal in the intra-community commercial transport or at the entry/exit to/from the third country should also have the appropriate Heath certificate issued by the Authorised Veterinary Officer.
9. The person responsible for the proper preparation of the veterinary documentation is the Customer. The Contractor shall not be liable for errors and omissions in the prepared documentation.

Conditions of the transportation

1. Transportation of animals takes place in the certified transporters adapter to the size of the transported animal.
2. The route of the journey is adjusted optimally, so that the journey takes place on the shortest possible way.
3. The date and the hour of the receipt and reaching the target place will be given to the Sender and the Recipient orally or electronically by the Contractor.
4. The hour of reaching the target place is not guaranteed by the Contractor, unless it was agreed otherwise in the written assignment.
5. In case of force majeure, which will prevent the implementation of the service by the Contractor, the contract remains valid, however the obligations resulting from the assignment will be postponed in time until the termination of the force majeure.
6. The Contractor does not insure individually animals for the transportation, unless the parties agree otherwise.
7. The driver or the carer has the right to refuse the animal if the requirements presented in §2 and §4 were not maintained.

Responsibilities of the Customer

1. The Customer is obliged to prepare the whole veterinary documentation according to § 2. Until the date of animal departure.
2. The animal for the transportation should be clean and prepared in the proper manner.
3. The Customer agrees to the presence at the place of destination at the hours indicated by the Contractor or the appointment of another person, that will be immediately notified to the Contractor by the phone or electronically in accordance with § 3 point 3. The changes of the date will be notified to the Customer immediately by the phone or electronically.


1. In determining the remuneration payable to the Contractor, we accept the rates according to the generally used price list, or specified in the detailed offer.
2. Fees for the service will be made by the Customer at the latest until the animal’s departure in cash or transfer (the date of the payment is the date of the receipt of the transfer on the Contractor’s account) to the bank account indicated in the service agreement. If the parties agree otherwise, the payment can be made upon receipt of the animal from the transport in cash. The Contractor may subject the implementation of the order to the execution of the advance payment.
3. The Contractor’s remuneration may be increased if:

  • independently of the Contractor and impossible for him to predict there took place changes in taxation or other public duties, or in the transportation costs, freight and others;
  • during the execution of the contract at request of the Customer, there were made extra activities Or the order was extended with new items, or the additional activities turned out to be necessary during the performance of the order;
  • The cost of completing the necessary veterinary documentation is a one-time amount of 50 PLN plus all costs incurred by the Contractor in connection with the implementation of this action.
  • the Customer before determining the remuneration did not provide all essential circumstances surrounding the performed order.
  • time of the execution of the order was significantly prolonged due to reasons not attributable to the Contractor.
4. The Customer is always obliged to reimburse the costs incurred by the Contractor imposed by any authorities. The above mentioned costs shall also be reimbursed in case the Contractor uses the subcontractors.
5. The Customer is always obliged to reimburse any costs incurred by the Contractor in case of the occurrence of the situation described in §3 point 7 in the amount of PLN 3,20 for each kilometre that separates the Contractor’s office and the Customer’s office, place of animal’s origin/receipt.

Cancellation of the reservation

1. The Customer may terminate the agreement (cancel the reservation):

  • Free of charge up to 14 days before the planned departure.
  • Within 14 – 7 days before the planned departure the Customer agrees to pay 50 % of the agreement value until the day indicated in the agreement.
  • Within 6 – 0 days before the planned departure the Customer agrees to pay 100% of the agreement value until the day indicated in the agreement.
2. The Customer may transfer the reservation once at any time to the date indicated by himself not further than 1 year. The payment for changing the date is 250 PLN.
3. When changing the date of the transport, the Customer has the right to change the transported animal and the place of shipment or reception of the animal. The Contractor will calculate the change according to the current price list (not less than the value of the original contract) what will be immediately notified to the Customer for approval.
4. The fees for the reservation, which has been changed, will be paid by the Customer to the date of the original departure. Other fees not later than the date of the actual departure.

Final provisions

1. These Regulations of Animal Transportation are the general rules, which apply between the Customer and the Contractor, if it was not agreed otherwise in the individual contract.
2. In matters not provided for in the individual contract or the Regulations of Animal Transportation there apply the proper rules of the Civil Code, public and private international law and the accepted practices.
3. All deviations from the principles set in the individual contract or the Regulations of Animal Transportation require the written form or they are not valid.
4. In all matters connected with the performance of services by Linora Lidia Zagórska the court of jurisdiction for the location of Linora Lidia Zagórska is the court in Myszków, and the above contract is the subject of the Polish law.

1. The animal must be identified by a MICROCHIP.

2. The animal must be vaccinated against rabies, unless the target country allows otherwise.

Vaccination gets valid after 21 days in case of the first vaccination made in the animal over the age of 3 months of age.

In case of next vaccinations performed regularly at the intervals indicated in the relevant section of the passport (booster doses), vaccination gets valid on the day of applying the dose of the booster vaccination.

Date of the vaccination cannot be earlier than the date of the introduction of the microchip to the animal!

If the animal has been first vaccinated against rabies, and then identified (microchip), vaccination against rabies should be repeated after the animal gets the chip, however for health reasons, not earlier than 21 days after the last vaccination.

3. The animal must have a passport, issued by the authorised veterinarian, confirming the validity of the vaccination against rabies.

4. In case of the transportation of dogs and cats in the number greater than 5 moved between the Member countries for non-commercial goals, the animals must be accompanied additionally by the health certificate issued by the District Veterinarian.

5. Within 24 hours before the animal shipment, the authorised veterinarian must confirm that the animals are healthy and able to travel to the destination place and must document the clinical study in section IX of the passport.

6. In case of transportation to the following countries:

For dogs there is an additional prevention against tapeworms Echinococcus multilocularis with the product containing praziquantel or other pharmacologically active substance, which alone or in combination has the proven properties of limiting the load with mature and immature forms of the parasite Echinococcus multilocularis in the relevant host species.

Prevention against tapeworms should be conducted within the period not longer than 120 hours, but not shorter than 24 hours before the date of their planned implementation to these Member Countries.